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Mercato Piccolo

  • Shop D123 Building D, 1F, Hangzhou Tower Mall, Hangzhou

  • 0571-8190 5656
  • Italian , Hangzhou ,
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Mercato Piccolo is Three on the Bund’s latest culinary project.  Riding on the success of Mercato Shanghai, Mercato Piccolo, a brand extension concept of Mercato, opened its door at Hangzhou Tower Mall. It reflects the same rustic chic & farm to table spirit, while adapts to the shopping mall environment. 
Mercato Piccolo embraces a “back to basics” approach to Italian cuisine. The best Italian cooking is noted for the simple, yet elegant preparation of quality ingredients. Highlights include amazing light-as-air pizzas, house made pastas, and incredible main dishes graced with the true flavor of Italy. Of course, simpler and lighter lunch selections are also available for the efficiency-seeking guests.  
The space can be separated into two areas: dining area and bar lounge. The design reflects the essence of Mercato Shanghai, through the use of reclaimed wood and metal in key elements like the tables or partitions. Yet here the style is a little modernized, notably with the stone flooring, to bridge with the contemporary building hosting the restaurant. Here, cement and mosaic have been integrated to highlight certain areas like the bar or the lounge, which are more integrated yet independent from the restaurant. The restaurant’s warm farm-chic ambiance makes it a welcoming environment for casual or formal all-day dining, with family, friends or business partners. The generous terrace seating compliments the dining room and is ideal to enjoy alfresco dining.
The Mercato Piccolo Bar also features an original selection of cocktails like the signature Sicilian Margarita, Mercato Colada, Amaretto Martini or a fresh and bubbly Passionfruit Prosecco Infusion. A short but well thought selection of Italian, old and new world wines are available as well, making the Mercato Piccolo Bar the perfect spot to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail or late night drink. 
Mercato Piccolo’s decidedly simple and understated approach represents a refreshing face to Hangzhou’s dining scene. The relaxed sophistication, addictive cuisine, and friendly, thoroughly unpretentious service paints a picture of Italian life as it should be experienced in its purest form. 

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