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  • Simply Thai

    Green Sports & Leisure Center 600 Lantian Lu, by Yunshan Lu
    蓝天路600号, 近云杉路

    400 880 7729

    A cozy place for just what the name implies, simple Thai dishes. Coconut curry soup is a definite recommendation. more»

  • Big Bamboo(Jin Qiao)

    381 Hongfeng Lu, by Biyun Lu
    红枫路381号, 近碧云路

    021-5030 1779

    A sports bar offering an expanded food menu, with entertainment including pool tables and flat screen televisions. Big Bamboo pulls large crowds for events like the World Cup and Superbowl. more»

  • Dragonfly

    No.616 Biyun Road, by Yunshan Road
    碧云路616号, 近云山路

    021-5835 2118

    Good Massage & Spa brand with branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Ningbo. more»

  • Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East

    15 Xin Jinqiao Lu, by Hongfeng Lu

    021-6036 8888


  • Citadines Biyun Shanghai

    Lane 450 Hongfeng Rd, by Biyun Rd

    021-3860 2288


  • Element Fresh

    Green City, 331 Hongfeng Lu, by Biyun Lu
    红枫路331号, 近碧云路

    021-3382 1700

    Chain of restaurants and one of the longest running with quality ingredients and good service. One of the mainstays in Shanghai. more»

  • Blue Marlin Bar & Restaurant

    689 Lantian Lu, by Lan'an Lu
    蓝天路689号, 近云山路

    021-5030 9676

    Suzhou transplant offering international cuisine and live music. more»

  • New York Style Pizza

    336 Hongfeng Lu, by Biyun Lu
    红枫路336号, 近碧云路

    021-3872 6606


  • Las Tapas

    259 Hongfeng Lu, by Biyun Lu
    红枫路259号, 近碧云路

    021-3382 1686

    Las Tapas is home to a fine assortment of Spanish-style tapas, a good selection of main dishes, and a respectable drink menu. more»

  • Jinqiao

    Biyun Lu, by Hongfeng Lu

    Jinqiao serves basically the same purpose on the east end of town that Hongqiao does on the west end. It's home to a number of international schools like Dulwich College and Concordia International. M... more»

  •  Bamboo7

    1198 Biyun Lu

    021-5030 8406


  • Peter's Tex-Mex Grill

    B23-24 Green Sports & Leisure Center, 633 Bi Yun Road,Jinqiao
    碧云路633号 碧云体育休闲中心B23-24号

    021-5890 8835


  • Kebabs On the Grille

    Unit A4 , No.633 Biyun Rd, by Yunshan Rd

    021-5030 2005


  • Lily's Antiques

    No.1037 Biyun Rd, by Huangyang Rd

    021-5019 1199


  • Johnny Moo

    228 Hongfeng Lu

    021-3382 1618