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  • The Bund

    Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, by Nanjing Dong Lu

    If you were to take a postcard snapshot of Shanghai, The Bund is where you'd go. Stately and taciturn, it comprises more than ten blocks of architectural relics from Shanghai’s days as a treaty port.... more»

  • Lu Jia Zui

    Shiji Da Dao (Avenue), by Lujiazui Huan Lu

    Across the Huangpu River, Lujiazui thrusts brazenly up to the heavens. 30 years ago, this district was nothing more than marshes and rice paddies. Today, it’s home to one of Asia’s most audacious sk... more»

  • Yu Garden

    Fuyou Lu, by Henan Nan Lu

    Once a colorful, cacophonous warren of lane houses, Shanghai’s old quarter has largely fallen victim to the wrecking ball. But the heart of it, the Yu Garden Bazaar, still remains largely intact. Thi... more»

  • Xintiandi

    Taicang Lu, by Huangpi Nan Lu

    Xintiandi marks a sea change in Shanghai’s urban development policies. Rather than razing a block of dilapidated shikumen, or “stone gate,” homes, the Shanghai government, in cooperation with real ... more»

  • The Former French Concession

    Hengshan Lu, by Dongping Lu

    In 1849, much of Shanghai was carved up and shared among the key colonial powers of Europe. Much of what is known today as the Xuhui and Huangpu districts went to the French. And while the concession ... more»

  • The Fairmont Peace Hotel

    No.20 East Nanjing Road, by East Zhongshan No.1 Road
    南京东路20号, 近中山东一路

    021-6321 6888

    No other building on the Bund embodies the splendor of 1930s Shanghai like the Peace Hotel. Originally named the Cathay Hotel, its construction was completed in 1929 by famed real estate mogul Victor ... more»

  • Jing’an Temple

    1686 Nanjing Xi Lu, by Wanhangdu Lu
    南京西路1686号, 近万航渡路

    021-6256 6366

    Jing’an Temple has been around in at least some form for nearly two millennia. It’s first incarnation was built near the banks of Suzhou Creek in AD 247 during the Warring States Period. It was fina... more»

  • Oriental Land

    6888 Huqingping Gong Lu

    021-5923 3000

    Oriental Land is situated in Qingpu District of Shanghai, lying on the south-east side of Dianshan Lake.As it has broad atmospheric construction communities and complete funtional facilities, it fully... more»

  • Sheshan National Forest Park

    Waiqingsong Gong Lu

    021-5765 1666

    Located in southwest Shanghai---Songjiang, which is the birthplace of the city's history and culture, Sheshan National Holiday Resort has unique natural views and cultural interest.It is rated as one ... more»

  • Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

    1388 Lujiazui Huan Lu, by Dongyuan Lu

    021-5877 9988

    A popular attraction for visiting and local families, the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is the largest and most varied in China. more»

  • Bund18

    No.18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, by Nanjing Dong Lu

    At the centre of the Bund—China’s most sought after waterfront estate—stands Bund18. Formerly the Chinese headquarters for the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China,the stunning 1923 column-... more»

  • Shanghai Museum

    No.201 Renmin Da Dao (Remin Avenue), by Wusheng Lu

    021-6372 3500

    As a museum of ancient Chinese art, Shanghai Museum possesses a collection of over 1000,000 objects, about 120,000 of which are precious national-graded works of art. Its rich and high-quality collect... more»

  • Bund22

    22 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, by Xin Yong'an Lu


  • Sasha’s Heritage Architecture

    No.11 Dongping Rd, by Hengshan Rd
    东平路11号, 近衡山路

    021-6474 6628

    This iconic building that houses Sasha’s and Prime 1921 on the second floor has a rich and colorful history. more»

  • Shanghai Gallery of Art

    3/F, No.3 East Zhongshan No.1 Rd, by Guangdong Rd

    021-6321 5757